Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Coconuts, The biggest Rock and Roll Band In The World

Whadya mean you've never heard of The Coconuts?

I just found this last year when I went back to my house in Bogotá. This was a creation of my friend T** and me when we were about 7 or 8 years old and it was intended to be the biggest, largest and loudest band of all time. We would draw sheets with sections of the band and we would put all the sheets together and they would extend outside of the room. We continued expanding the band until eventually we got bored. We had tons of sheets but a few years later my mom made me throw away most of it so what you see is just a fraction of the original Coconuts...It was massive indeed (there are still a few to be scanned).
  • Ties - check
  • Ripped clothing-check
  • Wurlitzer-check
  • Band members with no shirts and leather vests-check
  • Multiple drummers-check
  • People getting electrocuted-check
  • 'Fros-check
Here are a few samples of the band in all its ragged glory.
What do you think the Coconuts would sound like?

Can't forget those mullets!

Full body hair + electrocution

90 degree tilting action from the axe-man


  1. Nice! A genuine love of music at an early age.

  2. Thanks to all for your kind words. It was a real surprise and treat to find this and reconnect with those times. It not only has a special meaning because of the subject matter. What is more moving for me are the memories of an incredible friendship.

  3. I think the cocomuts sounds like funkadelic