Friday, January 7, 2011

The End?

The time has come to make a big pause on the Blog. My computer fried and I have lost all data, there are personal things I'm dealing with not to mention my own ever increasing doubts about the futility, legitimacy and validity of this whole enterprise. I would like to thank all of the pepole who stop by and participate, especially all the faithful and friends that I've been able to meet through this medium. You know who you are. To those who just raid the vaults, well, don't take this beautiful music for granted, it is not just a mine to be exploited. Like I've said before it's an expression of many hard working souls pouring their hearts into it so it deserves our greatest respect.
I have no idea if I'll resurrect this page, but for now, I need to focus my attention on other very pressing issues. I love music and the passion remains. Catch you around and please support the artists and record labels that are bringing new life to all this wonderful music.
Anyway, If a tree falls in a forest... You know the deal.

El tiempo ha llegado para hacer una gran pausa en este Blog. Mi computador se frito y perdi todo la informacion, tengo algunas situaciones personales que tengo que resolver, por no hablar de mis crecientes dudas acerca de la futilidad, validez y legitimidad de esta empresa. Quisiera agradecer a todas las personas que me visitan y participan de este foro, especialmente a todos los que lo hacen con frecuencia y a los amigos que he tenido la oportunidad de hacer a traves de este medio. Ustedes saben quienes son. A aquellos que simplemente saquean las bovedas, bueno, no tomen esta musica por descontado. Como lo he dicho antes, esta es la expresion de muchas almas dejando su corazon en ella y merece nuestro mayor respeto.
No tengo idea si resucitare eventualmente el Blog, pero por ahora necesito concentrar mi atencion en otro lugar. La pasion continua. Nos vemos por ahi y por favor apoyen a los artistas y los sellos que se esfuerzan en darle nueva vida a toda esta maravillosa musica.
Enfin, como saben si un arbol cae en un bosque...ya saben.



  1. Alejandro, I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties. I understand, I think, some of what you're feeling. The self-absorbed "raiders" who just want to fill up their hard drives, and probably don't even listen to half of what they dl, are a thorn in all of our sides. Perhaps after a break you'll feel like reviving it - it's difficult to break away from our blogs - we have so much of ourselves invested in them.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best.

  2. Alejandro -

    I will miss you & hope you come back when your 'real' life is a less hectic. Meanwhile, enjoy your little one! :-)

  3. I am a vault raider and I would like to express my thanks for the tunes and artists you have introduced to me and efforts by people like you enrich people all around the world. Thanks so much for the music. You made a difference.

  4. Aquí estaremos esperando el regreso de la colmena de humo.

  5. Gee, you're like the nicest boy around. Who am I gonna play with if you move on?

    Seriously, I hope life evens out on your end real soon. Take care of what you need to, but please come back when you can. You will be missed in the mean time.


  6. Qué triste noticia! bueno, Alejandro, creo que está bien tomar una pausa...pero creo que deberías continuar, no tengas ninguna duda, esto va y viene, pero, en efecto, la pasión sigue ahí latente. En el Mostrador siempre habrá un poco de miel de la Colmena...
    Hasta pronto!

  7. Amigo-

    Que triste. Bummed to see you go, but totally understand the feeling and know the pressure of having bigger commitments.
    Thanks for all the great music over the years, I got turned on to a lot of great stuff via Colmena. Let us know if you ever decide to resurrect.

    Best in your future endeavors,
    Leopold Stotch
    Versions Galore

    PS Oh and 'Thanks' for inviting me to do that anniversary mix for you a while back, still very proud of that one!

  8. Thanks to all for such kind words. They mean a great deal to me and make me think this whole enterprise was worth it if only to cross paths with you all. Hopefully real life will settle a bit and we'll meet again here or anywhere else.
    Marie, I saw you're also closing shop. I understand and will miss you greatly. All the best Ana, Leopold, Holly, Marie, Rob and everyone else. I will continue to visit you. Bye bye!(for now...)

  9. THANKS A LOT for your job here ! same think happen to me (HD crash) I know what you feel, but it teachs you the importance of living the present and not tried to have always more...
    still bless for the music :)

  10. Sorry to hear thing are hard. THanks a lot, and best of luck.


  11. Alejandro
    Sorry I didn't see this sooner, and especially sorry to see you call a halt to the festivities. I hope to see you back some time.

  12. muchos ánimos, te deseo lo mejor y espero que cambie la situación y mejore,
    mientras tanto, aquí estaremos esperando a la dulce colmena,
    suerte, un saludo

  13. No loss here, blogs sucks anyways, and you're a piece of shit